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New Patient Info

Whether new to our office or new to parenting altogether, we welcome you to the Rainbow Kids Clinic Family!

Our professional team provides quality care that your child needs and the advice and counsel you want.

We have two pediatricians, Crystal Vernon, M.D and Dr Wilmarie Garcia, M.D. Each pediatrician has two Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners who work as a team to provide quality care to your child. Dr. Garcia works with Pamela Bush, CPNP and Jennifer Nelson, CPNP to form one team. On the other team, Dr. Vernon leads Lissa Friedman, CPNP , Janna Roper, CPNP and Patricia Garrett, CPNP. Our physicians strive to provide our nurse practitioners with up to date information and training on a weekly basis, in order to give your child the best care available.

All healthy children will be assigned to a nurse practitioner to provide continuity of care. You will be assigned to a doctor if your child has complex medical issues, cerebral palsy, and extreme prematurity, etc.

We at Rainbow Kids Clinic believe that your child should see the same provider each visit because your child needs someone who is familiar with him or her and knows you on a personal yet professional level.

We know that at times you may have particular concerns or a sick child when you want to see a physician, we assure you at these times a physician will be there for you and your child.

Hospital Affiliations

  • Gateway Medical Hospital


Congratulations! We welcome prenatal visits at our practice, we set aside a special time each day in which you can come and meet our doctors and ask us questions about our services, policies and views on medical care.

Once you have chosen us as your pediatric provider and you go to the hospital for your delivery, they will call us and we will see your new baby within 24 hours of the birth. We will see you and your baby every day following birth while you are in the hospital.

We see patients at Gateway Medical Hospital only. If your child is delivered anywhere else, call us at discharge and we will set up an appointment within a couple of days of birth. We ask if you could get a discharge summary from the hospital nursery before leaving hospital as this will provide us with all needed information concerning your baby's stay in nursery.

Healthcare Checks from Birth to Age 18

We perform periodic well-child checks based on AAP recommended Periodic Schedule to track growth and development of each child and adolescent.

Our Vaccine Refusal Policy

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Sports and Camp Physicals

These visits are sometimes requested separately by parents but are best done in conjunction with annual health checks where the physical is combined with the recommended vaccination, lab screening and review of ongoing health issues. The forms are generally considered valid for one year. Most insurance companies allow only one physical per calendar year so keep this in mind also when scheduling your appointment.

Sick Child Office Visit

If your child is ill and needs to be seen, please call our office as soon as possible so that we may schedule your child for the earliest available appointment. In most cases, we will see your child the same day.


If our office refers you to a specialist, we will make necessary authorizations with your insurance company and schedule the appointment for your convenience. Our referral nurse, Amber Herrell, will call you as soon as the appointment is made so please provide our office before leaving with an accurate phone number to better serve you. If you have not received a call within one week, please call our office and ask for Amber. She will assist you with any referral questions or concerns you may have.

Medical Records

When scheduling new patient appointments, you will be asked to provide immunizations records. Other previous medical records will also be useful, particularly if your child has any ongoing medical concerns, has had prior testing or consultations, or is taking regular medications. These are especially important to have in order to provide your child with the best continuity of care.

We at Rainbow Kids Clinic are here for you to provide the best care for your child in a team-based atmosphere. We look forward to being your child’s medical home.

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